About O’Leary’s





Owen O’Leary is descended from a long line of characters and rogues.
Owen’s paternal grandfather, Otis O’Leary, while making his 100th tour of the Guinness Brewery, jumped into a vat of ale. Otis fought off all attempts at rescue and died a happy death.

Owen’s uncle, Ollie “El Cheapo” O’Leary, once hit an errant golf shot off a flying duck which then caromed off an outhouse and into the cup. Unseen by golfing companions, Ollie surreptitiously removed the ball from the cup and dropped it in the rough. Hence, “El Cheapo” avoided buying a round of drinks for his hole in one.

Owen’s aunt, Oprah O’Leary (the original “Bigfoot”) was often traveling to Italy. Here she was known for her great grape stomping talents and was better known in her later years as purple foot.

Owen O’Leary’s ancestry, yes a bit different, but they all worked hard at what they did best, be it enjoying a pint of Guiness, saving a buck, or helping in the complicated winemaking process. Owen O’Leary’s restaurants carry on family tradition – in working as hard as possible to make sure your stay is so enjoyable you can’t wait to come back.

Hope to see you soon!