Beer and Wine



Updated 9/2/16


Golden Ale

Light in color, but not in flavor. This beer is smooth and refreshing with low bitterness and a pleasant citrus and floral finish.

5.9% ABV         17 IBU’s

Blueberry Ale

Enjoy the aroma of fresh blueberries before even sipping this delightful beer. Then take a sip and notice how the crisp and light malt flavors blend perfectly with the blueberries.

4.9% ABV         7 IBU’s

Irish Red Ale

Floor malted English pale malt and a blend of Crystal malts give this beer its rich flavor and deep ruby color. North American hops are added to bring the malt into balance and lend a subtle citrus aroma.

6.3% ABV         20.3 IBU’s

India Pale Ale

Light in body and heavy in hops this beer should satisfy the hop lover in you. Citrus and herbal flavors imparted by the generous use of Sorachi Ace and Cascade hops will leave you wanting another.

5.75 ABV         44 IBU’s

Oatmeal Stout

Rich and creamy, dark and mysterious, this stout has it all. The fullness of the oatmeal is balanced by the roasted sharpness. The nitro tap makes this beer even smoother and enjoyable.

5.5% ABV         27 IBU’s

Commemorator Doppelbock (Seasonal)

The first seasonal in our new digs! The award winning Commemorator Doppelbock returns. First brewed in 2006, this lager is brewed with select German malts and hops with a dash of English malt to give this beer its deep and unique malt forward character.

7.75% ABV          23.8 IBU’s


This is a dark, more robust take on the popular American Wheat beer. Look for earthy , dark toast flavors with hints of chocolate in this beer. Our American Yeast imparts clean crisp flavors without the clove and banana flavors  found in its German counterpart

5.00% ABV          14.0  IBU’s

A word about IBU’s: IBU’s stands for International Bitterness Units. The higher the number, the more bitter the beer. However, the human pallet is more complex than just numbers, and a sweeter beer needs more bitterness to be balanced, so don’t just judge a beer by its numbers. Be adventurous – try new things!